10:41 p.m.

She wouldn't let me stop to pee

So, Iím back. What? You didnít know I was gone? Yeah, sorry about that.

Anywho, I went to Illinois with Jackie. Itís almost a 16 hour drive straight through, and stupid me agreed to it. The whole point of the trip was for Jackie to ask her grandparents for money. They live in an itsy bitsy teeny weenie back country town. Population: 900. And, that includes all the outlying farmers for miles around.

Iím not going to bore you with the gory details of how I wanted to rip her eyeballs out the entire trip. But, I will make you endure the pictures. At least the ones I have with me. One of my cameras is still in Jackieís car. Most of these were taken with my camera phone, and Jackie refused to stop for anything other than gas. So, just deal with the blurriness and bad exposure.

We started off behind this, and itís all we saw for the next 16 hours.

This is the sign to John Wayneís birthplace. I forced her to pull of so I could at least take a picture of the sign. Exciting, eh?

This is some special bridge museum over the interstate. I think itís about all Nebraska has to offer. Well, except for John Wayne.

Finally, we arrived in Iowa. At least I thought it was a good thing at the time.

There are only two redeeming things about Iowa, and theyíre as follows:


We crossed the Mississippi into Illinois (which Iíd like to add was quite disappointing.) Jackie wouldnít stop, so this was the best I could do.

Her family lived about 20 minutes into Illinois, so I think this is an appropriate place to stop with all the pathetic pictures.

More excitement to Kum tomorrow.

God, I need a life.

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