7:31 p.m.

Happy Holidays

Update: I finally got my cellular service worked out. Only after hours wasted on the phone. My stance on Cingular still stands.

On to better things.

I finally received these in the mail today.

Just as with the Lance Armstrong ones, Iíll be giving them away. I donít want anything in return. Not even postage. All I ask is that you give to a charity, be it time or money, that you feel strongly about.

Here are a few ideasÖ

Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
Humane Society of the United States
Polycystic Kidney Disease Foundation
American Foundation for AIDS Research
American Heart Association

Or, If youíre Canadian (Iím sorry)Ö

Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation
Humane Society of Canada
The Kidney Foundation of Canada
Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research
Heart and Stroke Foundation

Just e-mail me if youíd like one.

Happy Holidays.

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