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the root of all evil

My hours at the clinic have been cut drastically and I feel Iím being phased out. Theyíve thrown me a bone, and still have me doing inventory, but that only takes about 10 hours a week. Other than that, Iím pretty much unemployed.

And now, Iíve come to the point in my living situation that I need to leave. I never planned on it working for an extended amount of time. In fact, Iím surprised it lasted this long.

Iíve known all along that my mother and I are just two completely different people, and I shouldnít have expected to intrude on her life without serious repercussions. Sheís changed. Iíve changed. Life without my father, or his money, has hardened us both.

So, Iím confronted with a dilemma that I just donít want to face.

I suppose Iíll just finish out the semester and find a new job. Menial work seems to suit me well.

Just for a little while, I wanted to be a carefree college student without worries. Just for once in my life I wanted to not worry about where the next dollar for groceries was coming from, or how Iíd pay rent, or the electric bill, or water, or trashÖ

I knew this college idea was asinine.

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