10:42 p.m.


I received the results of two of my mid-terms this week.

I must admit, Iím a genius. Kidding! But, I did get 105% (mhmm, 105%) on my Chem exam and 96% on my Philosophy exam.

So, Iím not going to complain or anything, but I donít think my philosophy test was graded right. We went over the questions in class on Thursday and I didnít have half of the things he said were mandatory to get full credit. Maybe, I just bullshitted my way through the test by regurgitating things he said, or maybe he was just really tired when he graded my paper.

Either way, I feel a little slighted. Yes, I know thatís stupid. I should be happy I received a good grade, right? But, I think I need a reality check. I didnít study more than 15 minutes for either test.

Whatís going to happen when the classes I take start getting more challenging?

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