1:20 p.m.

Observations in delirium

Iím exhausted, yet content.

There should be, as with alcohol, a legal limit for sleep deprivation. The interstate moves too rapidly when your eyes are constantly re-dilating, and you must consciously make an effort to blink.

Every movement was purposeful; nothing extraneous. I set each foot on the ground, specifically, decisively...each step planned. Iím sure I appeared inebriated.

The ten minute walk to my next class turned into a 30 minute journey as I stopped to get coffee. I donít even drink caffeine. I think the subsequent rush made me more delirious. And giddy.

Iím probably too happy for my own good. I laughed today in class. Audibly. At the mere mention of a parabola. I donít know why, but the word...it amused me in my delusional state.

And now, I leave this jumbled mess of words. For you.

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