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Oh, Canada

So, being a 24 year old college freshman isnít as horrible as I thought it would be. So far, the actual school work has been quite simple, and Iíve been pleasantly surprised. I realize itís not going to be this effortless for long, so I might as well enjoy it while it lasts.

I have noticed a few odd things around campus:

1. There are a significant amount of girls who walk around in full make-up, beauty contestant hair, high heels and mini skirts. Now, I trek a mile across campus in flip flops and find it annoying, I canít imagine doing it in stilettos. What in the hell are these people thinking? Maybe Iím just too lazy. I mean, how sexy can you look while wearing goggles, gloves and an apron in the chemistry lab? Girls...Iíll never understand them. Of course, maybe I should take a lesson from them, it could be the reason Iím single. No, my stupid mouth is to blame for that.

2. An inordinate amount of people are wearing the Lance Armstrong wristbands. I feel so trendy I want to vomit. I have ceased wearing mine; instead it hangs from my backpack. Still trendy, just not too trendy. At least thatís what Iím telling myself.

In other news, I went to the doctor for my recheck. I tried to get out of it by calling and telling the nurse that my medications were working fine, and requested a prescription be written in lieu of an actual appointment. She called me back after asking the doctor, and informed me that I would have to return to see the doctor because Ė and this was her reason Ė Iíve only been seen once. Shocking, a five minute appointment where the doctor didnít do a damn thing isnít sufficient healthcare.

So, I go in for my recheck (which I had to schedule during my lunch hour on Friday), shell out the $30 co-pay, and get put straight in a room, no weight, no blood pressure...nothing. The nurse came in, asked me what I was there for Ė shouldnít she know? Ė and told me the PA would be right in. PA? I didnít go to see the PA. I went to see the damn doctor. Since I didnít really have a choice in the matter, I let it go.

Two minutes later, the PA came in asked me why I was there Ė once again, shouldnít he know? Hereís our 30 second conversation:

Mr. PA: ďOk, so the meds are working for you?Ē

A very perturbed me: ďYepĒ

Mr. PA while walking out the door: ďWell, let me go write you a prescription.Ē

He came back in, apologized for the inconvenience, and handed me a prescription. As he was showing me the door, this actually came out of his mouth, ďOh, I suppose I should listen to your chest!Ē He then whipped out his stethoscope, listened to one full breath while I was standing there with the doorknob in hand, and deemed my lungs ďclear as a bellĒ. Everything was over with in a matter of seconds. I was pissed. I just paid $30 to have a 30 second interchange with a guy who didnít even have the tenacity to become a real physician. I asked the receptionist for a refund, and she politely told me to fuck off. Nice.

Since the ďrecheckĒ took less time than I had thought it would, I went to get my prescription filled before I had to go back to work. I spent $65 on the two medications with insurance. Thinking ahead, I asked the pharmacist for the price of the medications without insurance, so I could be prepared for future refills. Iíll never be prepared. One prescription (Clarinex) is $90 a month, and the other (Advair) is $189 per month. What the fuck?! I just spent $125 for a prescription thatís completely useless to me. I guess Iíll be phlegm free and able to breathe for a month; then itís back to the Benedryl and Primetene Mist for me.

Iím packing my bags and moving to Canada. Iím bitter.

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