2:32 a.m.

Pass me a bottle, Mr. Jones

I made it through the whole day. I didnít even die. Amazing.

After leaving over an hour early due to my newly found anxiety about finding a parking place, I arrived in plenty of time to worry some more. I walked around aimlessly for awhile, surveying everything around me. I definitely wasnít the oldest, but I was one of the few who were over eighteen.

I arrived in my chemistry class, and was surprised at how few people were there. Apparently, Iím going to get a damn good education, because there are only 12 people in my class. All of whom were actually quite nice. And, quite dumb. But, thatís fine with me.

After the lecture, we moved to the lab. I havenít been in a lab since sophomore year of high school, but luckily everything rushed back to me when I looked around. We did the simplest experiment involving evaporation and filtration, but from the looks of it, (and the million questions I was asked) I was the only one that thought it was simple. Finally, at 1:35pm I was free.

Seeing as how I had an hour and 30 minutes until my next class, I wandered around campus to get familiar with things. Itís much bigger than I realized. I settled in the quad, (very similar to the grassy knoll of JFK fame) and read a bit of my homework. They had music playing, and I actually overheard someone say, ďWow, this new band is good Ė I wonder who it is.Ē Ironic, because I had heard them the first time they were popular Ė in 1993. So, I silently mumbled the words to Mr. Jones, and wished I was Bob Dylan, or someone just a little more funky. Is this considered ďoldiesĒ now?

I strolled the mile down campus to my English class, and prepared for the worst. I was pleasantly surprised at how small this class was, too. Only 16 students. Itís a composition class, which you would think would be a favorite of mine, but alas, it isnít. I enjoy writing in tangents and rambling on, not in precise, cold sentences. Iíll survive.

Class let out early after going over the syllabus and assigning homework, and I trekked the mile and a half back to my car quite pleased with how the day went.

I arrived home and prepared to start on more homework. I started reading a few chapters in my chemistry book, and got a little tired. I figured I would lie down in my bed and continue. Big mistake. Apparently, all the sleepless nights, anxiety, stress and worrying had taken its toll on my body; I passed out. It was the best sleep Iíve had in a very long time, and I feel so much more refreshed, alive and happy now.

Of course, itís 2:30am now, and Iíve got homework to finish...

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