1:14 a.m.

I've packed a change of clothes and it's time to move on

The Elway Game of Fame was absolutely wonderful. Oh wait. No it wasn’t – it was postponed until October. It seems appropriate for the week I’ve had.

Thursday night, five minutes into my commute, my engine started running hot. I figured I could ignore it until I arrived home. So much for the “If you ignore something long enough, it’ll go away” theory. The temp gauge went straight to the red danger zone and I was forced to pull over. After letting the engine cool a few minutes, I decided to investigate. Antifreeze – check. Oil – check. Fan belt intact – check. I had exhausted my limited knowledge of cars. After it was sufficiently cooled, I continued my long journey home - total of 12 miles and 4 stops to cool the engine later – I finally arrived an hour and forty-five minutes later. It was loads of fun.

I got home, took a nice shower and ate a healthy dinner consisting of Diet Caffeine Free Coke and Jiffy Pop. I settled in and decided to check my e-mail. It was painfully absent of any mail from people I actually knew, or cared to contact. About 30 minutes before 10:00 I receive a phone call. It was an automated call from Ticketmaster telling me the game had been postponed until October 1st. Yet another piece of good news.

I drifted into a nice slumber only to be rudely awakened by my cell phone. Apparently, J had been in a bar fight, and landed his ass in jail. Lucky me, I was the first person he thought to call. Probably because I have the simplest number in the world to remember – yes, even easier than 867-5309. Half-way asleep, and probably still dreaming, I reluctantly agreed to post bail. I don’t know what I was thinking. I haven’t seen or spoken to him in over a year. Unfortunately, I had an hour long drive to think about it. Seeing as my car was dying, I borrowed my mother’s. At least the radio works in it.

I get to the jail, post his bail, and drive him home. Suddenly sober, he tried to make small talk. We discussed why I shouldn’t have come, why we haven’t talked, and why he shouldn’t have called me. He ran inside, gave me the bail money, and promised to call. I stopped him as he was walking up the stairs and told him not to. Don’t call. My life may lack sex, but it doesn’t lack complexity...I don’t need any more distractions than I already have. He argued for a minute. Told me he missed me. He missed us.

I told him I didn’t, then moved on.

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