1:01 a.m.


Itís less than 100 hours now. Soon, Iíll be counting minutes.

Iíve literally been so anxious, worried, and stressed the past few days. The people around me have almost been pushed to murder. Iíve been bitter that I have to work this week; I had asked for it off to mentally prepare for school. I suppose itís a good thing Iíve been forced to work. I donít have time to over-analyze things.

I donít know what Iím so afraid of...

Yes I do - everything. Failure, success, quitting, persevering, acceptance, disapproval, criticism, praise. Iím afraid, not only to fail, but to thrive. Change is a horrible thing. Life is much simpler when you live within your comfort zone. The rut Iíve worn fits me well, and Iím reluctant to climb out and see the possibilities. Of course if I donít, Iíll never be truly happy with myself. Iíll get used to it. At least thatís what I tell myself.

I guess I donít need extra time to over-analyze things. I can multi-task.


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