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I went to the doctor this morning. I couldnít put it off any longer. I havenít been in 7 years, and my insurance coverage is being dropped at the end of the month. Considering Iíve used the emergency room as my primary care provider for awhile now, I thought it wise to actually visit a real family practitioner.

My appointment was at 9:15; I was ushered into a room, had a 5 minute conversation with the doctor, and was ushered out to make another appointment in 2 weeks. Is this how medical care works these days? I was appalled at the lack of interest in my health. Most people probably donít want a lecture about smoking or how theyíre pretty much killing themselves slowly, but I do. I need to hear about how Iím going to die at 30 if I donít do something now; I needed that revelation. I can hear about cancer and death and disease all day long on in the media, but until itís directed specifically at me, I can always ignore it. I want someone whoís in charge of my healthcare to tell me Iím stupid. Maybe thatís just me.

I feel jilted, slighted, gypped. Iíve had more attentive, compassionate care in the ER. I had a million things to ask, and I didnít get to ask a single one. I was kindly told by the nurse, that they can only see me for one problem per visit. I was thinking about setting 8 or 9 appointments all in a row, but Iíd probably come off looking like a hypochondriac.

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