8:14 p.m.

There's a fungus among us

The stain on my face has all but disappeared. I now have a new affliction Ė ringworm.

Yes, I have a fungus (not a worm) growing on my arm. I have this voracious urge to rip my skin off, but feel that the lack of flesh would be more annoying. Maybe not.

My immune system must suck; I seem to be particularly susceptible to this little bastard of the fungus world. Itís the third time Iíve had it since I started working at the clinic, and Iíve now gone on strike from holding any cat or dog with the slightest sign of it. Luckily, I can spot it quickly and start slathering it with Tinactin and Monistat. Yep, itís pretty much the same as athleteís foot, and the combination of the two medicines seem to kill it pretty quickly. I do however dread the look I get when Iím at the check-out with both meds; I feel like such a freak.

On a completely different note: John Madden, well Ė maddens me. His voice, his pointless commentary, his uncontrollable use of the telestrator Ė itís just too much for me to handle. Iíve started watching all Monday Night Football games on mute because of him. Although, I must commend ABC for limiting his on screen drawing. Fox Sports just let it go too far; you couldnít even see the plays through all this ďexplainingĒ. But, what should I expect - he was the head coach for the Raiders. Shush...We donít mention Shanahanís past.

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