10:26 p.m.

I fake intelligence well

Iím so weak. I did it; I dropped the class. And, as many have insinuated Ė or just outright said Ė Iíve been dwelling on it all day.

This morning I received an e-mail from the school informing me that they had opened up a new math class. It just so happened to fit into my schedule perfectly Ė if I dropped the computer science class. I figured it was fate pounding at the door, so I dropped the CS class and switched the math class to later in the day. Iím not a morning person and was dreading the 7am start time anyway. Now that everything is said and done, Iím contemplating reneging. Iíve told a total of 4 people, and they all questioned my decision. Apparently these people think Iím way smarter than I am. At least I give off an ďintelligentĒ vibe.

To elevate my mood, I decided to go ďBack to SchoolĒ shopping. Iíve always had a passion for school supplies. Iím pretty sure Iíve mentioned it before. In fact, a good number 2 pencil, a well made binder and a cute notebook can make me giddy. A high-quality pen can take me to the brink of orgasm. Ok, maybe not that excited, but damn near.

Iím off to contemplate the consequences of my actions. Wish me luck.

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