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Of Mice and Atwater

Iím in a foul mood today, but what else is new? I did actually get to go home early from work because we were over staffed and slow as hell. That almost brightened my day. However, the fact that the roster for the John Elway/Joe Montana Game of Fame doesnít include Steve Atwater is enough to push this girl over the edge. Maybe, just maybe, he hasnít sent in his RSVP yet. Yeah, thatís it...heís just a procrastinator.

I received my $150 personalized Atwater jersey in the mail the other day. Since, you know, itís been years since the guy has played, and Safety isnít exactly the most glorious position, I was forced to spend the extra cash to have one made. I ordered a larger size so I could have it framed once he signed it. The plan was to loan it to Jackie to hang in her NFL themed bar. Weíve acquired many autographed jerseys for the wall. Doesnít look Atwater will be joining it anytime soon. Oh well, I suppose itíll be fine; Iíve wanted one forever. Somehow, that doesnít make me feel any better. It is however big enough for me to sleep in. Iíll just have to settle with dreaming about him.

On a happier note: The UPS guy that delivers to the clinic keeps sexually harassing me (read: flirting with me). Iím not particularly a fan of brown shorts and black boots, but I must admit he wears it well. I may take him up on his offer to ďinspect his packageĒ. Or, sue the company for a hostile work environment. Just depends on my mood.

Well, Iím off to fix my grandmotherís computer. It seems when I checked my e-mail on it 5 days ago, I ruined the whole thing; the mouse wonít work. At least thatís her theory. Keep in mind, this is the same person who called me ranting that her computer was possessed because if it sat idle for 15 minutes, a horrible image of moving lines would pop up. Damn those screen savers. Theyíre they devilís playground.

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