11:42 p.m.

Caution: Football talk

Iím ecstatic. Iím elated. Iím so damn happy I could pee my pants. I have kick-ass tickets to the John Elway/Joe Montana Game of Fame. And, when I say kick-ass, I mean kick-ass. Level One, 50-yardline, row 18. Oh, yeah...you know youíre jealous.

It brings back fond memories of my youth. I remember sitting with my father watching football all day on Sundays. We would have play-off parties, Superbowl parties, and parties to celebrate playerís milestones. We pretty much found any reason to have friends over and yell at the TV. Just thinking about it makes me smile; it was great to be ten.

The line up for the game is pretty impressive, so far. Nothing is written in stone, and anyone could back out at a moments notice, but I tend to be an optimist when it comes to football. I think I have to be, I am a Broncos fan, after all. The obligatory Bronco big names will be attending: Terrell Davis, Eddie McCaffrey, Shannon Sharpe, Bill Romanowski, Karl Mecklenburg, two of the Three Amigos (Mark Jackson & Vance Johnson...who knows why Nattiel didnít RSVP), Mark Schlereth, Gary Zimmerman, and a few others youíve probably never heard of.

However, I do have my favorites, and Steve Atwater has been my favorite player since I can remember having a favorite player. I was sadly disappointed he didnít get to end his career in Denver, and Iím not sure I can ever fully forgive Pat Bowlen. Iím also damned excited to see Reggie Rivers and Randy Gradishar (although I was only 4 when he retired). Thereís an autograph session before the game, and you can bet your panties Iíll be there. Iím such a dork, I feel like a teenage girl getting tickets to see N*Sync.

On the flip side, there will be plenty of NFL all stars from other teams, too. Joe Montana, Roger Craig, Tony Dorsett, Barry Sanders, Walter Stanley, Cris Carter, just to mention a few. Do you see why Iím so excited?

Granted, everyoneís pretty geriatric these days, and itís not full fledged football, but I donít care. As long as they arenít hobbling around on canes Iíll be happy. Honestly, they could be wheeling around in their Rascal electric scooters and Iíd still be excited.

I do have an extra ticket waiting to be claimed.

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