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Protractors and Pencil Sharpeners

I just bought a new printer. Also included in my Office Depot raid: pencils, hanging files, and a nifty little stapler. Iím so happy. Itís the Virgo in me Ė I love office/school supplies. Anything that is remotely functional or systematizes, classifies and organizes is a good thing in my book.

I was the dweeb in elementary school who loved Back-to-School shopping; I couldnít wait to get my hands on new pencils and freshly sharpened crayons. Heck, I even got excited over rulers and compasses. I hid my enthusiasm well. After all, I had a reputation to uphold.

Lately, my emotions regarding school waiver from paralyzing fear to excitement to nervousness to apathy. And they repeat in any given order at least 20 times a day. Each passing minute brings me one step closer to walking into a classroom full of kids, and starting a new chapter in the Book of Julie. Ultimately, I donít believe my emotions really matter. Emotions can be pretty worthless sometimes and lead people to do impulsive, irrational things. If I based all my decisions on my emotions - Iíd be 24, living at home, working a job that barely pays minimum wage, completely unsatisfi....oh, wait....never mind.

Iíve decided to view college as just another job. I have to do it; I donít really have much of a choice. Besides, Iíve had many jobs that I hated. No matter how horrible college is, it will never compare to telemarketing.

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