11:33 p.m.

I need mental help

Ok, Iím not sure how to say this without sounding completely morbid and disgusting, but Iíll try. Donít judge me just because Iím interested in biology. Warning: dog lovers and easily upset people should just quit reading now.

We have a stray dog at the clinic that was hit by a car. The law mandates that we keep him for 5 days and try to locate an owner. He has a broken pelvis and fractured limbs, but we arenít allowed to do surgery on him without an ownerís consent. A good samaritan brought him in to us, and in the process of getting him in her car, she was bit. Tomorrow is day six.

The law on animal bites in Colorado is pretty strict. You have one option: Quarantine the animal for 10 days, either in a kennel, a vet, or at the Humane Society. There is one exception to this rule and it states if the dog is not going to live, or it would be inhumane to keep him alive for the complete 10 days, you may euthanize and send a specimen in for evaluation. Sounds simple enough right?

Wrong. The nice little word ďspecimenĒ means the whole head, and nothing but the head.

Shocked? Well, apparently the brain is the only accurate way to determine if an animal has rabies. So guess what I get to do tomorrow evening....help decapitate a dog. The worst part, Iím really intrigued by it.

Maybe Iíll take pictures...wanna see?

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