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Jackie had a yard sale yesterday. I was roped into helping. Itís amazing how much junk people accumulate. Itís even more amazing how much junk people are willing to buy if itís priced at a quarter.

After only four hours we sold almost everything and raked in about $300. We decided to call it a day and as with all yard sales we conduct, we donated the left over items to charity. I suggested we donate all the useful stuff to the DAV and haul the rest of the garbage to the dump. Jackie however wanted to give the good stuff to Goodwill instead. After much debate, she won...because after all it was her junk.

We pulled up with a truck full of boxed clothes, a couch in immaculate condition (just hideously ugly), and a nice set of dining room chairs. Granted, these werenít pretty, up to date furniture pieces, but they certainly werenít dump material. Think 70ís era grandma furniture. The clothes were in damn near perfect condition because they didnít fit Jackieís husband anymore; some he had never even worn. They included brand new San Francisco 49erís jerseys (Which I wouldnít pay a dime for personally), brand name clothing, and really nice down jackets. They glanced at the furniture as we drove up and immediately refused to take anything. I suppose they assumed that anyone with that taste in furniture wouldnít have great taste in clothing. The guy wouldnít even bother looking at the boxes of clothes and said the couch and chairs wouldnít sell because, ďThey arenít in styleĒ. After a minute of debate we realized that they didnít deserve our donation and took off. You know...someoneís grandma is missing out on a really nice couch.

Every time Iíve been to Goodwill, this has happened to some degree. I understand that a lot of people probably try to pawn off their junk just so they donít have to pay the $30 to haul it to the dump, but come on...he couldnít even bother looking? I presume they have to furnish their new 2.3 million dollar building with upper class appeal now; thrift store shopping has become so trendy.

We brought the items to the DAV and they accepted them....graciously.

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