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I guess that Venus is going to orbit in front of the sun tomorrow. Itís supposed to be of huge historical/scientific importance. As with anything of historical/scientific importance, itís not visible from Colorado. So, if anyone sees it...could you tell me if it was worth the 120 year wait? Will you fondly look back at in 30 years?

Tonight, our bosses took us all out for dinner. We had a record breaking month in April and they wanted to thank us. Amazingly, it wasnít unpleasant. There are days when I want to rip out every coworkerís eyeballs, and other days that Iím so happy I have a job where I love every single person I work with. Itís kind of like a family in some respects Ė I can talk bad about them, but if you do, I reserve the right to kick your ass. I guess if you consider that I spend more time at work (probably an average of 12 hours a day) than I do at home or sleeping, they are my family. They know my insecurities and idiosyncrasies better than any of my blood relatives.

Itís going to be hard to leave them behind when I go back to school. Iíll only get to see them once or twice a week and Iíll slowly drift out of their lives. Eventually, Iíll get a new job and lose touch. It saddens me. Will they remember me in 15 years and speculate on how my life played out, like Iím sure I will with theirs?

I sometimes wonder if people I knew a long time ago think about me now. Am I the only one who remembers every person they ever had the slightest interaction with? Sometimes, Iíll think of friends I had in high school and wonder if they ever think of me...do they even remember me? Did I make as big of an impact in their lives as they did in mine, or was I just another person they once met? I recall one girl I had in AP American History my sophomore year...I sat next to her the entire semester, but we hardly ever spoke to one another...does she remember me? What about the boy who threw a spider at me in first grade, or the girl who was my science partner in fourth grade? Do I have an unusually good memory Ė or do I just cling to the past? Am I the only one who feels like this?

Will you remember me in 5 years or am I just...forgettable?

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