11:59 p.m.

My hand needs a break

So, I guess Iíve matured lately, or just became a little saner. Iíve been thinking a lot about how I have developed into almost a completely different person. Iím not as critical of others as I used to be. Iím not so dependent on other people to make me happy (although, a partner for sex would make me happy Ė my hand is a little tired). Iím not paranoid that the world is out to get me anymore. Maybe Iím actually becoming an adult. A sex-crazed adult, but an adult nonetheless.

Since my little Google-fest entry, Iíve added a few to the list. Iím number one for ďtumors on the top of dogís headĒ and ďHorrid SnoringĒ (no quotes necessary) - Woo-Hoo, Iím famous! Also Ė new additions Ė ďSoap Opera of the CenturyĒ and ďa huge fucking crackĒ. Iím sure none of you find this amusing, but it makes me giggle.

Ok, back to the sex issue. The fact is, I really miss it. How long have you gone without sex? Itís been almost a year for me (have I mentioned that yet?) and Iím getting restless. For Godís sake, I propose to people Iíve known for years, and to some I just met. How in the world do I get this out of my system without actually having sex? Any ideas? Suggestions? Grr. Thatís all I can say...Grr.

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