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And I actually think I'm ethical

I received my adjusted financial aid award in the mail today. Apparently $8,600 is almost as good of a living as $15,000. They dropped my EFC (Expected Family Contribution) from $4,000 to $1,000 and gave me a Pell grant for the difference. Thatís $3,000 for those of you who hate math. Iím still short almost $6,000, but they figure in $7,500 for living expenses. So, my actual tuition, books and fees are paid for. And, free money is always a good thing. I guess I shouldnít complain, but itís what I do best.

Have I mentioned how much I hate having a best friend whoís married? Itís quite the downer. Now, itís official; I am the only person I know not married or in a committed relationship. I donít necessarily miss the relationship itself, I miss the sex. Itís getting close to the year mark, and Iím beginning to hate that I actually have morals and need to be in a relationship before I have sex. Damn it. I need to be more outgoing; I should run down the street naked. Think I could find a decent guy that way?

Speaking of decent guys...my bosses, the owners of the clinic, keep trying to set me up with a guy they know. A 35 year-old guy they know. A 35 year-old guy they know, who has kittens. A 35 year-old guy, with kittens, that ďwants June Cleaver in the day time and a sex kitten at nightĒ, they know. Are you getting the picture here? Iím not necessarily anti-kitten, but a single 35 year-old guy with two of them sets off some sort of inner alarm. Not to mention the fact that heís friends with my bosses...which if you knew them, would set off your inner alarm. Iíve kindly declined various invitations to meet, but am starting to feel a bit rude. They think heíd be perfect for me, which frankly, is making me feel a little low in the self-esteem department. However, he is rich...but as much as I hate to say it, I canít really base a relationship on that. Damn those morals.

Just for your viewing pleasure - the $3,000 dog...

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