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Death, Defeat and Disease

Unless you live under a rock, Iím sure youíve already heard about Reagan. Although, I think they sent the memo to everyone, including people under a rock.

I was already in the mourning mood; my grandfather died 15 years ago today of a heart attack. It was his fourth. I donít remember much about him Ė except that I loved him. I visited his grave today and left flowers. Seems like such a trite thing to do. I wish there was another way to show my sorrow.

So, to drown my sorrows, I decided to go the track and bet the Belmont. If youíve even the slightest interest in horse racing, you know that Smarty Jones was favored to win not only the Belmont, but the entire Triple Crown. Being the pessimist I am, I decided to bet against him. Not completely, but to come in second at least. I bet the 4-9 exacta (and the 9-4 just to be safe). I also bet for either horse to win. For $8 in bets I made out with a little over $200.

To be honest, I know nothing about horse racing, and the only reason I bet the way I did was because September 4th is my birthday. If I had to depend on my knowledge of horses, Iíd never succeed.

So, in honor of my grandfather, Iím donating the money to the American Heart Association. Itís the least I could do.

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