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<-- That is not me. Stop asking. Ok, now that we have that cleared up we can move on.

My cat saved a life today. It was completely against his will; he likes his blood, and really didnít want to part with it. However, another cat needed it more than he did and his evil owner forced him to donate it.

Itís really amazing Ė the advancement in veterinary medicine. My 7 year old chow mix tore both his ACLs and had them surgically restored. Actually, if youíd like the specifics, he had a TPLO (Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy) where basically, they cut the top of his tibia, rotated it and held it in place with screws and a steel plate.

Sounds expensive, huh? Well, it is. About $1500 a knee. I realize how insanely stupid it sounds to spend well over $3000 on a dog I rescued from the Humane Society for $70 - especially given my financial situation. But, with no desire whatsoever to reproduce my own offspring, I amazingly still have some sort of motherly instinct.

Where is the line drawn between the rational and irrational spending of money on a pet? $100? $500? $3000? $10,000? I think itís all a matter of perspective. My financial advisor (if I had one) would berate me for spending that much. Another pet owner may scoff at the gullibility I have for my petsí feelings. Someone who feels more passionately than I do may say I shouldíve done more. I think itís naÔve to try to place a dollar limit on something you love. Iíve known people whoíve invested thousands of dollars into silly inanimate objects: cars, entertainment centers, retirement funds. Why? Because it makes them happy.

Now that Iíve defended myself, I can honestly tell you I feel absolutely foolish for spending that much on a dog. No matter how much I rationalize, I still feel guilty for doling out $3000 on a pet, but filing bankruptcy for my unpaid debt. Iím the type of person I hate. If I met me, Iíd give me a real piece of my mind. You know, people like me are the reason interest rates on credit cards are so high. Iím the reason electric companies and cell phone providers charge outrageous fees. I loathe people like me.

Just for the record. I didnít claim my vet bills in my bankruptcy...Iím still paying on the $3000 dollar dog. Does that make it any better?

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