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Life can't be solved with an equation

It seems the Memorial weekend has come to a conclusion. For me, itís been rather uneventful. There was no way in hell I was braving the crowds to go camping this weekend, which apparently was a good thing, because it snowed above 9000 feet, and it rained below. No parties to go to, at least none I was interested in attending. I did however go hiking at my usual nearby site, and I must say I look like a lobster now. You see, my skin is so white - itís transparent. Iím currently in the red and blistered stage. In a few days, itíll be the molting stage, then right back to lily white. Iíd be surprised if I didnít end up getting skin cancer eventually. But thatís ok, my new friend Justin is going to find a cure.

I did take some nice pictures while hiking. Itís a little side passion I have, but I lack any real talent. Art was never my subject. I prefer to deal with precise and defined things. My head likes structure, and art is anything but structured. If it canít be easily filed, categorized, classified or solved with an equation, I canít fathom it. Damn my love for parabolas. I'm such a geek.

Other than that, my weekend has been blissfully boring. A nice break from the chaotic and frenzied state Iíve been in. The ďfunkĒ is still here, but I think itís finally lifting; at least it seems that way for the moment.

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