9:05 p.m.

Airbags go BOOM!

I have yet another good reason for lack of updates. I smashed (or smushed) into the back of a car last week.

No, it wasn't fun.

Yes, it was my fault.

No, I wasn't chatting on a cell phone, smoking or even fucking with the radio.

I just wasn't paying close enough attention to the road. My mind was on other things. What? I can't remember now. I know it couldn't have been that important.

It seems I was going fast enough (about 15-20 miles an hour) to completely trash my car, but do nothing except scratch...not even dent...the other girl's car.

My airbags deployed. It hurt. A lot. My boobs are now purple, my wrist is swollen and burned, I have seatbelt marks across my chest, and I have a cut under my chin. Which apparently everyone has after an accident where the airbags go off, at least according to the tow truck guy.

It happened so fast, but in slow motion, too. I can't explain it. I'm sure you can imagine. The airbag exploded in my face so quick it knocked the sense out of me. Dust and the smell of carbon filled the car. At least my window was cracked, enough to air it out a little. I was in shock, and sat in the car breathing the fumes for about 3-4 minutes until someone came and opened the door. I was shaky, but OK. My chin really hurt, and my right wrist. I didn't even talk to the girl I hit. I was afraid. It was a brand new car; it didn't even have license plates yet.

There was an accident a few feet behind me, which could've been the thing that distracted me for the split second before I pummeled into the car ahead. The cop came over, got everyone's info. When he came up to me, I almost threw-up on him. Luckily I missed him. The fumes had made me nauseous. Thank god I had insurance. Unfortunately, I only had liability, so my car wouldn't be paid for.

I called my mommy to come get me. My car had to be towed, not because it wouldn't run. It ran fine, but because my airbags had gone off the cop said it had to be towed. Great, another $80 I can't afford. I had it towed to my grandmother's house because it was the closest and would be the cheapest place to have it towed to.

I went to work the next morning, but was sent home because I was so stiff I could barely move, and I was useless to type because my wrist was swollen so badly. With my mother following me I drove my car to the body shop for an estimate.

It was a slap in the face, just to fix the airbags, nothing else, would be $2500. No, that's not a typo. Two thousand five hundred dollars. What the fuck! My car isn't worth that much! I had to forget about that. I just cut them out, and I'm gonna have to duct tape them or something. I can't afford that. To be honest, I can't afford anything more than a couple hundred.

OK, here's the run down. I need a new hood, two new headlights, and a new support for the radiator and to fix the bumper. All this....are you ready...is $1,450.

I told the guy to fix it. I don't know how I'm gonna pay for it. Hopefully, Dad. I guess I'll figure that out when it's fixed.

The only thing worth laughing about is the note that was packed in with the passenger side airbag. It was a preprinted note that said - do not puncture, do not set things on top of the airbag, and some other crap that would be useless packed INSIDE the airbag thingy. But handwritten in pink ink was a note that said, “If you see this, it means you’ve already crashed.” How true indeed.

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