7:43 p.m.

Reason for visit? - My dog's head exploded.

Ok, so this lady walks in to the vet clinic holding a bag of flesh balls the size of golf balls.

No, this isn't some stupid bar joke, it honestly happened.

She comes in...extremely calm for the situation at hand. She holds up the bag, and says, "These just came out of my dog's head." Naturally I asked if he coughed them up, or if they could have came out of his ears? Maybe? I'd never seen anything like this.

She said, "No...It came out of the top of his head...It exploded"

Ok, I'm sufficiently intrigued to get my lazy ass out of the chair and glance over the counter. Below I saw pools of blood coming out of the top of the head of a Bichon, and a gaping hole on the top of his head.

I immediately put the dog in a room, because it has decided to shake it's head, of course resulting in blood going everywhere. The lobby looked like a war zone. I got the vet immediately. She walked in the room, and as I looked at her face I realized this was new to her, too.

Apparently, the dog had tumors on the top of his head for 6 months. Now, I'm not one to judge (actually I am) but if any of my animals had tumors on the top of his head, I'm pretty damn sure I wouldn't wait 6 months to do something about it.

Keep in mind, we did surgery to remove the rest of the masses, the total weight of all of them...including the ones the owner brought in, was 4.9lbs. The dog only weighed 19lbs when he first arrived!

The best part? No, not cleaning up the blood and chunks of the dog's head that was covering the exam room from floor to ceiling. It was the new client sheet we have new patients fill out. On the line marked reason for visit...she put "My dog's head exploded".

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