8:02 p.m.

Happy frickin' birthday America...Happy frickin' birthday

It's Independence Day, and I'm sitting home bored off my ass.

Drunk, but bored.

Colorado is on fire. Not much celebrating going on. You never really notice how much fireworks make July 4th a holiday until they're taken away.

I know, I know. "It's not about the fireworks, it's about celebrating our independence."

"It's America's birthday. This year more than ever we should celebrate our patriotism."

Well, you know what I have to say to that. Bullshit. I love my country. I want to celebrate it's birthday. I want fucking fireworks damn it! I bet you celebrated with fireworks, went to a fireworks show, or at least saw fireworks in the distance. None here. Nothing, nada, zip, zilch, zero.

I know I'm being petty, but guess what, I don't give a damn. I'm reverting back to my 2 year-old self.

I want fireworks. I want fireworks. Mommy, I want fireworks. Waaaah.

I feel better now, sorry. I needed that, now I will continue celebrating with my Jim Beam and Coke.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA. (even if Colorado & Arizona are burning and Texas is flooding)

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