4:11 p.m.

I Hate Cats

I can't work at a vet clinic.

I just can't. I'll end up with twenty-five animals.

Which is way over the legal limit.

Ok, so here's the deal. Yesterday a woman brought in here cat, with 3 of her kittens. (8 weeks old, blue russians with grey eyes....damn cute) She was saying how she needed to find them homes, or they were going to live out in her barn.

I rationalized. I can't have a cat. I have dogs. They would NOT get along. I can't afford one. I WILL NOT TAKE A KITTEN! Just until I find it a good home? Dammit Julie...NO!

I didn't. One of my co-workers did. She said she was gonna find it a home, because it was too cute to live in a barn. So, she took it, put it in a kennel, and decided to take it home. She set the kennel up front so she could keep an eye on him, and make sure he was OK. For almost 8 hours I kept rationalizing. No Julie. You can not have a cat. Finally the end of the day came. I had made it all day without saying a word about taking it....just until I could find it a home.

So here I sit, typing this entry...with "Floyd" sitting on my lap.

Willpower, will I ever meet you?

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